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Womens Wooden Wedding Rings

Womens Wooden Wedding Rings

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Handcrafted bentwood wooden rings for engagements, weddings, or any. Popular Men's Wooden Rings. Popular Women's Wooden Engagement Rings.
Handcrafted sustainable wooden wedding, engagement and commitment rings. Made from salvaged wood and materials in Chicago, IL.
In our collection of handcrafted wood rings for women, we offer a variety of wooden engagement rings and wooden wedding rings with diamonds, gold, and .
We craft all of our wedding and engagement wooden rings by hand, and offer a variety of wood rings that include diamonds, gold, titanium, and more!
We specialize in: deer antler wedding band, wooden wedding bands, unique wedding bands, custom engagement rings, unique men's wedding bands, .
Wood rings lovingly crafted from salvaged and sustainably sourced materials. Alternative engagement rings and wedding rings for people that like to do things a .
At Jewelry by Johan, we handcraft wood rings in over 90 hardwoods, including many you won't find elsewhere, or you can supply your own wood for a custom .

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